Why Choose BrandMentions over Awario?

BrandMentions will be the first to report all the mentions about your brand, product, and competitors in the news & social media.

BrandMentions delivers much better results and extensive coverage than other services I've used. It monitors global coverage which saves time and delivers a quick snapshot of all coverage. Highly recommended.

Eva Diaz, Co-Founder & Managing Director at Profile Booster

You’re in good company

10.738 Big & Small Companies

already track their brands and competitors

Why Should You Choose 

BrandMentions over Awario

If you’re here because you’re looking for social listening or brand monitoring tools, then you’re already doing the right thing. Because here, you’ll find a product that will help you find out everything that is being said about you, anywhere on the globe. 

We want to give a big up to the people from Awario for building a solid product.

Of course, there are a lot of differences between BrandMentions and their product. But the biggest differences are the data quality and the historical extraction of mentions. 

Top Reasons Why Companies

Choose BrandMentions over Awario

1.-BrandMentions picks up way more mentions than Awario

At the end of the day, this is why people use a brand monitoring tool: to get ALL the mentions about their brand, and stay assured knowing that they are aware of everything that is being said about them online. Here's a direct quote from one of our clients: Compared to other services, with BrandMentions we really get a nice amount of extra mentions out of it.

2.-With BrandMentions you get access to the historical data no other tools provide

While other similar tools, like Awario, are targeting only the future mentions, on top of that, BrandMentions is focused on past data as well. Many users need access to their historical data, on the web and all social platforms. And BrandMentions does exactly that: extracts years of historical data to help marketers better understand the past to build their brands better in the future.

3.-All important social platforms are monitored, not just a few

Monitoring all social media channels implies more costs and more complexity and that's why not all tools are offering it. Yet, we choose to make this investment for users from all over the world to be able to accurately monitor their brands. Unlike other tools, BrandMentions offers a solution that helps brands perform social listening by the book on ALL social media platforms.

4.-BrandMentions gives you the full list of people that can impact your business

A reason why users choose BrandMentions over Awario or other social listening tools we hear quite a lot is this one: I can finally start thinking about influencer marketing, or I can see all my brands ambassadors, from all my social networks, not just Instagram. Because with BrandMentions you can find the social media influencers to boost your social reach.

Need More Convicing?

We totally get it. So, give BrandMentions a try!

BrandMentions vs. Awario at a Glance




Compared to Awario that offers the possibility of tracking mentions in only 59 languages, BrandMentions monitors all mentions in almost all existing languages (120 languages supported).


BrandMentions extracts way more data from Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, Reddit and many other channels. Using multiple data providers, the tool can guarantee that almost no mention is missed, regardless of the social media channel is coming from.


BrandMentions is the only tool offering this big amount of historical data. Awario offers maximum 6 months of historical data. We extract years worth of mentions data, on both social platforms and the web. While Awario is focused on future mentions only, BrandMentions focuses on both future and past mentions.


Collecting all the mentions is a complex and expensive job!BrandMentions crawls the web and uses multiple data providers and APIs to aggregate mentions. By doing this BrandMentions is able to provide a way bigger and comprehensive dataset of mentions. This is for both historical and future mentions.


BrandMentions has the capability of monitoring all brands, generic brand names included. We can track brands such as Apple (the technology company) or Orange (the mobile phone carrier) better because we provide fine-tuning settings and private one-on-one setup consulting to get your project off the ground.


Awario app can be accessed from mobiles as well. BrandMentions does not have mobile support yet. There was not enough demand for it, as people use BrandMentions as an analysis and research tool mostly.


Hashtag usage has significantly grown on social media over the last few years. While both tools offer solid hashtag monitoring, we want to highlight that BrandMentions offers these features on all important social platforms for both historical and future mentions.


Sentiment analysis is done by monitoring all the mentions for a specific brand or product. We look through comments, social media posts, keep an eye on the people that like and dislike your product, and provide all the necessary information to assess the overall brand or campaign sentiment.


Slack integration is available for both Awario and BrandMentions. Once you connect Slack within the app, you'll get real-time notifications in any Slack channel.This way you can stay connected 24/7 with whatever you are monitoring.


Both tools offer the possibility to white-label your reports. Yet, what BrandMentions has extra is that the reports can be translated in any language and the customization level is higher.

We know what you’re probably thinking: “you’re talking too much about your own product. You should put your money where your mouth is”. And you couldn’t be more right. 

So, here’s what we did: we asked our customers to tell us why they chose BrandMentions over other similar tools. Here’s what we got:

BrandMentions picks up every mention of your brand

on web & social media and pulls it all into one place

We hear this quite a lot from many of our customers: finally I don’t have to worry about missing important conversations about my brand.

In today’s world, keeping up with all the social networks, comments, news and blog articles is almost mission impossible. So having all these data centralized in one place saves you tons of time and headaches.

Compared to Awario, BrandMentions reports more mentions, from more sources, faster. 

The BrandMentions app picks up a more comprehensive list of web mentions than I have in other similar tools. The quick search module is also very helpful because unlike other tools I've tried you can quickly search any term without attaching it to a project.

Rick Bannerman, Digital Marketer at Plexkits

Manage your reputation

and win more customers

Your brand is only worth what your customers are willing to invest in it. And social media can make you or break you.

76% of customers claim they would quit a business that fails to respond to a negative social media post. 

BrandMentions allows you to jump in all important conversations about your brand, products, and services.

BrandMentions gives you the full list of people

boost your social reach

Our customers often say: I used other social listening tools but I never thought about giving a go to influencer marketing. I always thought that it’s something for big brands only. But since BrandMentions already shows me my brand ambassadors, I decided to take advantage of it.

Identifying influential brand advocates for your business was never easier. All the data is there, one click away, you just need to use it in your favor. 

Compared to Awario, BrandMentions reports the full list of social media influencers, from all important platforms, to boost your social reach .

I've discovered website mentions and I probably would have no never found without Brand Mentions. I'm also able to track which influential users on social platforms like Instagram or Twitter have interacted with my account through retweets or replies.

Matt Binder

BrandMentions makes it simple

to keep a close eye on the competition

We all know it: Building successful marketing campaigns is never an easy task. And you can never know if something can work until you’ve tried it. Or, you can always learn from your competitors’ experiences. 

Track your competitors and take smart, data-driven decisions – instead of only guessing.

Compared to Awario, BrandMentions allows you to have a side-by-side comparison between your brand and your competitors.

BrandMentions is the perfect tool for marketers. We use it all the time for market and competitor analysis, reputation management and tracking the progress of our own marketing campaigns.

Peter Collins, Marketing Manager at English Blinds

BrandMentions sends you actual real-time alerts

when things go viral

We hear dozens of stories from our clients, similar to this one: One unhappy client can post anything negative about you online. If that message gains traction, you’ve gone from one person saying bad things, to thousands. 

Social media is a fast-moving, high-intensity space. So, it's important to get real-time alerts when things go viral ... positively or negatively.

Compared to Awario, BrandMentions sends as many real-time alerts as you want, via email, Slack, RSS feed or Webhooks,

I've discovered website mentions and I probably would have no never found without Brand Mentions. I'm also able to track which influential users on social platforms like Instagram or Twitter have interacted with my account through retweets or replies.

Sebastian Maraloiu, Chief marketing officer at Mondly

Everybody’s talking.

Are you listening?

By using BrandMentions you’ll be able to

Track every social channel from one app

Identify influencers and leads

Join conversations about your brand

Keep an eye on the competition

Reply with a single click

Manage your reputation online

But Don’t Take Our Word For It

Shapr switched to BrandMentions and now they get the complete list of mentions from social, news and the web in real-time.

Mandy Menaker, Brand Development at Shapr

META uses now BrandMentions and gets all their mentions faster than ever.

Ashley Williams, Head of SEO at META

Constellix switched to BrandMentions to get feedback on new products that they need to offer.

Jesse Nalls, Account Specialist at Constellix

When it comes to Awario alternatives, BrandMentions is #1

Still not convinced ? Try BrandMentions totally free and see for yourself

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