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Be the first to know what’s being said about your brand, product, and competitors in the news & social media.

BrandMentions has become an indispensable tool for measuring the success of our marketing campaigns. We work hard to build awareness of our brand online, and no other tool we’ve tested finds as many relevant mentions as BrandMentions. We highly recommend it!

Mark Traphagen, Senior Director of Brand Evangelism Stone Temple

3.9 billion

That’s the number of active users that are sharing content daily on social media.

With so much content being shared online, you need help to keep up with everything.

You need Social Listening!

Never miss a conversation

about your brand again

35,987,343 mentions tracked daily

Our mention database is one of the largest in the world.

Twitter, Instagram, Facebook & more

Monitor Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, Pinterest, News, Blogs and the entire world wide web!

Historical Social Data

We provide historical mention data for all social networks, blogs and news. We can extract years of historical data.

Real-time social listening

Find out who's saying what about you with real-time email alerts and spike notifications.

10.738 Big & Small Companies

already track their brands and competitors

Why do you need BrandMentions

for social mention listening?

BrandMentions is a social mention listening tool that helps you see what's being said about your brand. It helps you engage with consumers everywhere, and spy on the competition.

10 years ago, managing one's social media accounts was a walk in the park. In today's world, keeping up with ALL social media platforms is almost a mission impossible.

We know you can't cover all social platforms in real-time. That's why we've created BrandMentions. The real-time social tool that's always listening.

Everybody’s talking.

Are you listening?

By using BrandMentions you’ll be able to

Track every social channel from one app

Identify influencers and leads

Join conversations about your brand

Keep an eye on the competition

Reply with a single click

Manage your reputation online

Let's face it: there are too many sources, too many customers, and too many voices. Every time you miss something, it could end up being a costly complaint from a valued customer, or an endorsement from a powerful influencer.

So, why risk missing any of these?

BrandMentions picks up every mention of your brand on social media and pulls it all into one place. 

BrandMentions is the first thing I do every morning after coffee as is the easiest way to find out where you're mentioned on the web. Using BrandMentions, I can quickly discover when Shapr is being talked about or when a professional has written a blog about our app!

Mandy Menaker, Head of PR and Brand Development at Shapr

Manage your reputation

and win more customers

Your brand is only worth what your customers are willing to invest in it. And social media can make you or break you.

76% of customers claim they would quit a business that fails to respond to a negative social media post. 

BrandMentions allows you to jump in all important conversations about your brand, products, and services.

Find Social Media Influencers to

boost your social mention reach

Did you know that over 73% of consumers trust online influencers?

This makes it very important to identify influent brand advocates for your business.

BrandMentions gives you the full list of people that can impact your business.

BrandMentions delivers much better results and extensive coverage than other services I've used. It monitors global coverage which saves time and delivers a quick snapshot of all coverage. Highly recommended.

Eva Diaz, Co-Founder & Managing Director at Profile Booster

Keep an eye on your competition

to improve your marketing

Building successful marketing campaigns is never an easy task. And you can never know if something can work until you’ve tried it. Or, you can always learn from your competitors’ experiences.

Track your competitors and take smart, data-driven decisions – instead of only guessing.

BrandMentions makes it simple to keep a close eye on the competition.

Get real-time alerts when

things go viral ... positively or negatively

Social media is a fast-moving, high-intensity space.

One unhappy client can post anything negative about you online. If that message gains traction, you’ve gone from one person saying bad things, to thousands.

BrandMentions alerts you when there is any increase in mentions about your brand. 

Manage all social media in

one place

Did you know that 82% of customers expect you to respond to their social media posts within 24 hours?

We know how complicated this is with so many social networks going on.

With BrandMentions you can respond to messages across all social networks through a single dashboard.

A must in every digital marketers' toolbox. There are so many use cases for BrandMentions - from research, competitor analysis, content marketing, to reputation management.

Cathy Reyes, Digital Marketing Manager at Agile Social Media

Keeping up with the Kardashians is one thing (are you a Kim or a Kourtney?).

But keeping up with your brand reputation, market trends, and the competition is a whole 'nother game.

Luckily, BrandMentions keeps an ear (and an eye 👀) out for you.

10.738 Big & Small Companies

already track their brands and competitors

We help you monitor, understand and influence

the world around you.

BrandMentions is the most effective method of monitoring your brand or product on the Internet.

It helps you measure the buzz around brands, products or topics.

  • 35,987,343 mentions delivered daily
  • 3 trillion pages crawled monthly
  • over 5000 happy customers
  • 127.358 lines of code


To help businesses of all sizes to accurately monitor their brands, so they can take smarter business decisions


To deliver cutting-edge tools and features that will best meet today’s digital marketing needs


At BrandMentions, we make things happen. We invent what’s needed and reinvent what's possible.

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