Billing Information


Review all the billing information directly from your account:


Billing info


  1. Your Subscription
  2. Subscription Details
  3. Your Invoices


1. Your Subscription


Here you’ll see basic information regarding the plan you are on and the next billing date.


Your subscription


For a quick management of your billing information, you have the possibility to update that info or request a new plan. Go to Account Settings > Your Subscription to update payment info or change your plan.

2. Subscription Details


Before changing the plan, review your actual plan limitations. See exactly what you have at the moment by going to your Subscription Details.


Subscription details


In case your account plan doesn’t suit you and neither are the other plans available on your Pricing Page, sent a request. We can create a custom plan based on your requirements.

3. Your Invoices


Right in the Billing Information area, you can also find all the invoices for your payments. Find details about:

  • the issued date;
  • the availability period of each subscription;
  • the payment method used;
  • the amount.
  • the link for the invoice for an easy download.


Your Invoices

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