Andrei Șelaru

Andrei Șelaru (also known as Selly) is a vlogger, YouTuber influencer, singer, and entrepreneur best known for his YouTube channel.

Full name: Andrei Șelaru

Birthday: February 28, 2001

Birthplace: Craiova, Romania - Europe

Nationality: Romanian

Occupation: YouTuber, Content creator, vlogger, Singer, Influencer.

Andrei has been interested in filming (and everything behind the scenes) from a young age, like changing perspectives or angles on TV.

He spent a significant part of his childhood in front of the computer, sometimes saying that the internet is more interesting than the world around him.

Today, Andrei Șelaru argues that spending too much time in front of the computer is not good.

In an interview with Forbes magazine, he mentions that he learned about YouTube from his English teacher in 2008-2009.

His first video, Selly’s Vlog - 10 things about me was uploaded on YouTube on December 21, 2012.

In 2013, Andrei Șelaru received his first video camera. Among his successful series are Types of Teachers, If Google Were a Person, and Rap Battle.

On December 21, 2017, he formed the music group 5GANG with the release of its first song, Singuri Acasă (Home Alone).

On December 27, 2019, the Romanian film 5GANG: Un altfel de Crăciun (5GANG: A Different Christmas) was released, a comedy film marking the directorial debut of Matei Dima, who also co-wrote the screenplay with Radu Alexandru and Vali Dobrogeanu.

The cast includes, among others, members of the 5GANG vlogger group, consisting of the following five members: Andrei Șelaru (Selly), Diana Condurache (Dia), Andrei Gavril (Gami), Luca Bogdan (Pain), and Mădălin Șerban (Mădălin).



  • Selly vs The Wampers - Rap Battle
  • Selly vs. The Wampers - Rap Battle 2
  • Selly vs. Vlad Munteanu - Rap Battle 2
  • Disstrack Vlad Munteanu

Singuri Acasă(5GANG)

  • Milion
  • DM (5GANG; Lino Golden)
  • Focuri (5GANG)
  • Friendzone (5GANG; Lino Golden)
  • Mod Avion (Airplane mode - 5GANG)
  • SOS (5GANG)
  • Story (5GANG)
  • Scuze(Sorry - 5GANG)
  • VIP (5GANG)
  • TANK (5GANG)
  • Sută la sută (One hundred percent Dorian Popa)
  • Hocus Pocus (5GANG)
  • John Cena(5GANG)
  • COCO (5GANG)
  • PORSCHE (5GANG; Dorian Popa)

  • Radar de Media Award for Best Influencer/Vlogger
  • Radar de Media Award for Most Popular Influencer

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