Silviu Faiăr

Silviu Faiăr (Silviu Istrate), is a well-known personality in the Twitch and YouTube communities. He is recognized for his social activism and for using his platforms to organize charity streams and raise funds to support those in need.

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Full name: Silviu Istrate

Birthday: August 25, 1995

Birthplace: Bucharest, Romania - Europe

Nationality: Romanian

Occupation: Social activist, streamer, and influencer.

Silviu Faiăr is appreciated for his dedication to charity streams, where he raises significant amounts of money for noble causes. He's one of the influencers who decided to use their platform for a positive impact. For this reason, he has built a strong community, which helps him achieve his goals whenever he gets involved in a cause.

His content is equally entertaining, humourous, and educational, consisting of video reactions. Still, he is highly interested in informing his audience and prefers to invite experts in various fields in his streams to open discussions.

In 2023 he was nominated and won the Elle New Media Award for Social Involvement (reflecting once again his active participation or commitment to social causes and activities).

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