Brand Analytics

Brand analytics is a feature that constraints valuable data that can help empower brand owners. Using a brand analytic tool, a brand owner can make strategic decisions about a product, marketing, and advertising activities, etc.

General Information

Brand analysis or a brand audit; can help identify how a brand is doing in marketing and sales, visualize the competitors, and how brands are meeting their customer’s needs. Brand analytics helps ensure that a brand truly reflects what they stand for in the online world, such as social networks, websites, forums, places where people do their research on brands and quality.

Through brand analytics, companies can get vital information for improving their marketing strategies and communication. These tools are used to see better how a brand is perceived and received by the audience. Usually, brand analytics tools are essential because it contains metrics for social channels and engagement through social media.

Useful features in a brand analytics tool:

  • Search Frequency Rank

The numeric rank of a specific search term popularity when compared to all other search terms during a given period. These metrics will show you the most clicked standard identification number (ASIN) when given a specific search term. Therefore brand owners can identify how frequently their products appear in searches based on how low the Search Frequency Rank is.

  • Click Share

Therefore, it allows sellers to determine what percentage of customers are clicking on their product or a competitor’s product, which is significant data to use to refine your advertising campaigns.

  • Conversion Share

The importance of this metric is that it displays which brands are currently leading the market for specific search terms. Therefore, it will help inform brands on the best advertising and listing approaches to improve their brand’s market rank.