Brand Awareness Survey

A brand awareness survey measures the target market's awareness of a business.

This type of survey enables a more detailed analysis of consumers' views about a brand, and what improvements they want to see from a specific brand.

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General Information

Brand awareness indicates the level of familiarity of consumers with a product. Brand awareness surveys measure awareness percent, meaning how many consumers from a target group know your brand and how many remember the brand without thinking too long if they ever heard about it.

Consumers, most of the time, prefer brands that they already know. This is usually the case with low involvement products such as groceries. They will buy the products of everyday needs without thinking or asking for too much.

For these products, brand awareness is essential because customers decide quickly as there are thousands brands of the same work out there.

Types of brand awareness

Top-of-Mind Awareness

Top-of-mind awareness comes from the first brand or product that comes into consumers' minds when asked about a product category.

Unaided Recall

Unaided recall (active brand awareness) means the proportion of the consumers that can remember a particular brand without a reminder or hint.

Aided Recall

Aiden recall measures the consumer's knowledge about a brand or if they ever heard of it. This type of survey measures the ability of consumers to recognize a brand when they are approached.