Brand Health Metrics

Brand health metrics are indicators that help you understand how your brand is performing and how far you are from reaching your goals.

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General Information

Brand health metrics can be monitored by giant corporations but by small businesses too.

It is essential to see your brand health details and decide on future campaigns, branding, and other actions.

Brand health metrics:

NPS - Net promoter score is calculated on your customers' responses to the question: 'How likely is it that you will recommend a product/ service from us to someone you know?

Share of voice - It is essential to know how much people are talking about your brand. For this, you can use monitoring tools and see what people are discussing on the internet.

Brand reputation - While watching how much people are talking about your brand, what they say about you is essential if they are happy with what you are offering or what you must change as fast as possible.

Unprompted brand recall - This measures how many people are thinking about your company when talking about an industry.

Prompted brand recall - Big brands are most successful, but this metric can allow the smaller brands to assess their awareness and purchase intent.

Brand equity - This is the result of combining metrics mentioned before and looking overall at the brand's health.