Brand Marketing Manager

A brand marketing manager is responsible for creating and improving strategies of a brand for a target market.

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General Information

It is also responsible for maintaining the brand’s integrity across other companies' marketing initiatives and managing the portfolio of what products the brand is creating.

What responsibilities have a brand marketing manager?

  • Setting the style of communication, guides, brand guidelines, and vision.
  • Creating the concept of the brand for a short and long time
  • Planning and executing contact with the media online and offline
  • Assisting product development, pricing, product launch, opportunities
  • Creating and managing promotional campaigns to maintain the product relevantly and branded
  • Managing the budget for advertisement
  • Analyze the competitors
  • Analyze sales of other products in the same category in and out of the company

What qualification is needed to be a brand marketing manager?

  • Degree in marketing or similar fields such as advertisement or economics
  • Experience in the domain
  • Fluent in English and other languages preferable
  • Postgraduate qualification or MBA
  • Strong communication skills
  • Ability to maintain relationships with co-workers and external contacts

How much does a brand marketing manager earn?

The average salary is $52,268/yr, which might fluctuate depending on the country and its size.