Crisis Communications Plan

Crisis communication plan is a set of guidelines that are used to prepare a company about an emergency or unexpected event. This plan includes steps to follow when a crisis happens, how to handle it, what to resolve it first, how to communicate with the public, etc.

General Information

The communication plan is different depending on the situation that a company is dealing with, sometimes common strategies might work for similar problems, while others require a different approach.

It is crucial to have a spokesperson in your company; it will appear more human-like and will apologize and explain it. Don't let the public wonder what is going on and why the services are not working.

Having a voice to represent you when there is a problem in the company will always calm the public and respond to their questions.

Keep communicating with followers online, responding to their comments and questions. People feel empathy when they receive a response as soon as possible.

No matter if things are going well at some point, you should always be ready for a crisis.

Proactive damage control is needed to reduce or even prevent the effects of a crisis before it occurs.

Customers' feedback will always help prevent or resolve a crisis fast, reducing the damages. An outside view from a client will help build and repair a weak spot in services.

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