FYI is an acronym that stands for For Your Information. People use this handy acronym to share information or give a heads-up.


What does FYI mean?

When someone drops an FYI, it’s instead of saying, Just so you know.

The term FYI has its roots in communication and business. This term is often used in written forms of communication, such as emails (sent to one person or the entire team) or memos, to convey information quickly without the need for a detailed explanation.

  • What does FYI mean in English?

The exact origin is a bit unclear, but it has become widely adopted in both formal and informal settings as a way to share relevant information efficiently. It's one of those handy abbreviations that has stood the test of time!

  • Is FYI part of the English dictionary?

If you're wondering if the word of the day - FYI - is included in the English dictionary. Here's how the definition sounds on FYI is an acronym that stands for "for your information." It's commonly used in written communication, such as emails, to inform someone about an announcement or share information you believe is relevant to them.

FYI, short for "for your information," is an abbreviation commonly used in chat and IT contexts. FYI signals that information is being shared without expecting immediate action, whether in casual conversations or formal business exchanges.

The origins of FYI date back to 1941, when it first appeared in an office memo. Over the years, it has become a staple in communication, finding its way into emails, text messages, and instant messaging.

It's important to note that FYI shouldn't be confused with JFYI (just for your information) or FYA (for your amusement).

  • Examples of FYI in action

In email

"FYI, I'll be taking some free days next month."

In a meeting

"FYI, the movie starts in 10 minutes."

In a text message

"FYI, I might miss the first class."