Facebook Touch

Facebook Touch was an extended, updated alternative to the mobile version of Facebook, launched in 2009.

What is Facebook Touch

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Launched back in 2009, Facebook Touch was an extended, updated alternative to the mobile version of Facebook. Specially designed for touch smartphones, Facebook Touch was created as a more complex and sophisticated version of the popular social media website. Facebook touch worked just like other Facebook applications but had better graphics and a more user-friendly interface.

How to get Facebook Touch

Suitable for both Android and iOS operating systems, Facebook touch could also be accessed from the desktop.

You could use Facebook touch from browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, or Opera Mini.

For Windows 8, an unofficial app was available on the web store or windows store.

The Facebook touch login feature is very similar to the standard Facebook login.

After downloading the app, or accessing it via browser, entering your credentials like username and password was enough to get you immersed in the official Facebook virtual world.

Advantages of Facebook Touch

While the standard mobile http://m.facebook.com/ URL was designed for mobile platform access, the Facebook touch site http://touch.facebook.com/ was designed and developed especially for touchscreen smartphone users.

One of the most significant differences between standard Facebook and Facebook Touch is that the lather solved the slow internet connection issue. It ran smoother and generated high-quality images.

Compared with the normal Facebook app, the touch version covered the entire screen, providing a more thrilling experience while viewing videos or photos. Using the touch version, Facebook users were presented with a slicker appearance, similar to an iPhone.

One of the features of Facebook Touch was the in-window chat feature, where you could see who is online or offline.

Disadvantages of Facebook Touch

Because it was created in 2009, when smartphones were starting to evolve, Facebook touch is now considered an old version of the super-updated Facebook mobile app.

It lacks the SSL encryption feature, therefore it is less safe and secure to navigate.

Unfortunately, it can not be optimized for bigger displays, therefore it remains a good option for small touch screen devices.

Despite it being a major update to the standard Facebook version of that time, the touch version was deficient in blocking out adult content or implementing other safety-related features.

In 2021 hardly anyone uses Facebook touch for desktop.


Facebook touch is still a good alternative to the official Facebook app. It is a good option for users with older touch phones and a slow internet connection.