Free PR

Free PR is the process of getting the attention of journalists, bloggers, reporters and get in front of the masses without a mega-budget.

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General Information

The internet is fast and always moving towards something new, which means brands must develop new marketing strategies every time and creative ads.

Investing in advertising and marketing campaigns will cost a lot of money. Still, if your brand is vital in the industry and your products are great, customers will offer free advertising on social media and real-life by recommendations and reviews. They may also post on social media something that they are happy getting from you, and they will tag your brand, which means awareness and more people click on your name.

Nowadays, brands have to work harder to increase brand awareness and differentiate themselves from other industry names. Building brand awareness can also attract customers, partners, and sponsors.

Here are some strategies to obtain free PR.

Know your story

To obtain free PR, you first have to know your story and make your brand genuinely different from others.

Even if you want to do traditional marketing campaigns or reach out to influencers, it is essential to explain who you are as a business, what is your audience, what do you do, where you came from, and what is your goal.

This way, you can easily create your advertisements and contact influencers, and if they find similar values as you, they might want to collaborate with you.

Create your outreach list

A strategy to get free PR and boost your awareness is to create an outreach list; this list of people can help grow your reach to a new audience.

  • Contact traditional reporters that work for publications and news websites.
  • Industry bloggers that regularly feature what is new and beneficial for their followers
  • Social media influencers that have an active presence online and a considerable following

Regularly engage with people on social media

Use monitoring tools to see what is said about you on social media and what is happening in the industry.

Your goal is to engage with people on social media and create a positive image for the business. Answer questions as fast as possible in a respectful manner. Engage with every review, even if they are excellent or negative, to make people see that you listen to each and one of them. This way, you can benefit from free PR and attract visibility around your brand.