History of Public Relations

The first public relations department was created by the inventor George Westinghouse in 1889; this happened when he hired two men for publicizing his projects about electrification.

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General Infomration

The “public relations’ term was first registered in documents in 1897 in “Year Book of Railway Literature.”

Experts disagree nowadays on the origins of public relations; many say that in early 1900 it began to be a paid profession.

Most textbooks about public relations were first written and developed in the United States before expanding globally. But other experts are saying that this profession developed simultaneously in the US and UK.

Public relations were founded in part to defend corporate interests against hyper-critical news and sensationalism. It was also influential in promoting consumerism after the growth of mass production.

Public relations were first taught at universities and were a professional occupation in 1940. At first, it failed in being a recognized profession, however in 1991, then progressed to “true professional status.”

During the 1900 specialists, because of technology, the internet and social media websites affected the PR field, and more jobs developed with different strategies and tactics.

According to The New York Times, corporate communication has shifted from a monologue to a two-way conversation. The evolution of the media also made it easier for the consumer to learn about PR.

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