How Long do Instagram Stories Last

Instagram stories last for 24 hours from the moment they have been published.

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What are Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories is an Instagram feature that allows users to share media content with their followers. Users can share photos, videos, gifs, text, and even links to other platforms without sharing the content in a post on their profile grid.

Instagram stories were introduced in August 2016 and have since received numerous upgrades.

Users can upload and share media from their camera roll or share posts from their feed or their own profile.

Instagram stories are known to have better reach and can be used to increase engagement on Instagram.

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How Long do Instagram Stories Last

Instagram stories last for a maximum of 24 hours, after which they disappear.

You can delete an Instagram story and therefore shorten its life spawn or save it as an Instagram Highlight. You can even go a step further and download the Instagram Stories Highlights.

Apart from accessing your old IG story from the highlight section - if you saved them, you can also access it from the Archive- Story section.

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How to Post an Instagram Story

If you want to share moments of your day through photos or videos without displaying them on your social media profile grid, posting an Instagram Story could be the best idea.

Here is how you post an Instagram Story:

1. Open and log in to your Instagram account.

2. Tap on your profile picture icon in the upper left-hand corner and select Story.

3. Select the media you want to share. You can add media from your device or capture a live photo or video by pressing and holding the circular icon.

4. You can now add music, text, location sticker, poll sticker, link, hashtag sticker, or gif sticker. Simply tap on the top right icons of the screen and select the

5. Tap post.

If you want to share content from your Instagram account to your story, then go to your profile grid, select the post you want to share, and tap the paper plane icon. Select the first option - “Add post to your story” and tap “Your Stories”.

You can use the same steps if you want to share photos and videos from other accounts to your story, as long as the accounts are public.

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Instagram Video Length

Here are the maximum lengths for videos depending on the types of Instagram content:

Story video - 15 seconds

Feed video - 10 minutes

Instagram Live videos - 4 hours

Instagram reels - 60 seconds

The social media platform recently dropped the use of IGTV, combining all video content under the video tab on a user’s profile.

Don’t forget to select the right aspect ratio for the desired video you want to share on Instagram.