How to Add Music to Your Instagram Story

In June 2018 Instagram announced that they are introducing music to Instagram stories

Since then we`ve been listening to summer hits, uprising artists, and basically feeling our friends’ story vibes a little bit better thanks to this music feature.

Important to know that the adding music option is available only for IG story and Reels. Instagram doesn`t give you the option to add music to your posts through the app.

How to Add Music to Your Instagram Story

Here are 7 simple steps to add music to your Instagram stories:

1. Open Instagram and tap add story

(either from your profile picture or by tapping on the plus sign).

2. Snap your photo/video or upload them from your camera roll.
3. Tap on the smiley sticker button

And then select music ♬ or just tap on the music icon ♬ on the left corner of your screen (if you have it there).

upload photo to ig story

This will open Instagram music library with a variety of songs depending on the country you are located in.

4. Search or browse the library

And select the song you wish to add.

Browse music on IG music library
5. The song is now ready to be tweaked.

You can select its length from 5 to 15 sec by moving the slider bar. Listen to the song and select which portion you want to play in your story.

set up song for IG story

6. Taping on the thumbnail

This will change the album icon or replace it with lyrics. You can change the color of the music sticker or lyrics by taping the color wheel.

set up color thumbnail to IG music story
7. Tap done.

You are ready to post your story!

PS: Adding music directly from Instagram is available both on iOS and Android.

A little heads-up would be in order: if you want to download the story, the photos or videos will be downloaded without the added sound.

*Tip: To add music to an Instagram story WITHOUT the sticker, just drag the music thumbnail outside the limits of your screen. Magic, right?

I know, we said 7 simple steps. But wait, there is more!

Bonus rounds

Instagram differentiates between account types and features. That means if you have a business account, due to licensing restrictions you may have a selection of royalty-free songs instead of more popular options. Not happy with that? All you can do is switch back to a normal account.

Now if you want to take it further than this and expand your sharing options beyond the limited resources of Instagram`s music library, here are some other music streaming platforms you can share from:

Whether you are usually jamming to SoundCloud, Apple Music or you like to have your playlists shuffle on the Spotify app, all three of these apps have one thing in common: the ellipsis icon. Tap it and select share. Browse for the Instagram story option aaaand voila! Everybody knows what your favorite song is! They can even tap your story and listen to the full song on the linked app of your choice.

Soundcloud and Spotify song sharing