How to Create a Subreddit

Even if you have an account on Reddit and use it to check your feed, you need to know a few things about how to create a Subreddit. First and foremost, you need to meet these two criteria to create a Subreddit:

  • You have to be a part of the Reddit community for at least 30 days (your account must be at least 30 days old)
  • You need a minimum of positive karma (Reddit admins know the amount of karma needed. )

How to Create a Subreddit - Easy step-by-step guide

Thanks to the open nature of this social media platform, anyone can create a Subreddit around a subject. Each step is crucial but extremely simple to check - here’s how to create a Subreddit:

  • Create a Reddit account

You’ll need an account if you want to create a Subreddit. However, if it’s for digital marketing, the best idea is to create a new account, especially for a brand. Keep in mind not to mix personal and business accounts.

  • Decide on the Subreddit’a topic

This is the most exciting and easy step when you create a Subreddit. There are subreddits on the most niche topics and jokes, so you can create what you want.

Before posting, ask yourself a few questions:

  • Is the chosen topic worthy of having a separate subreddit?
  • Is it worth starting a Subreddit with the same topic as an existing one?
  • What do you want to achieve by creating this Subreddit?

Search this site - start by doing some research on Reddit; it is possible the topic you’re interested in already has a designated subreddit. For this step, you can implement using one of the available tools: Subreddit Analytics tools or Monitoring tools.

Even if there is a Subreddit for the topic you want to create, you can still post on Reddit. This is totally fine, although it may be harder to gain subscribers.

  • Create the Subreddit

After signing up and logging in to Reddit, you just need to navigate to Home Page and click Create your own Subreddit.

Clicking it will send you to fill out the form:

Name - the name you choose it’s not only the name of your Subreddit, but it will also create the URL for that particular Subreddit. The choice of the name is permanent, and Subreddit names can not be changed.

Title of your Subreddit - the title can be the same as the name of the Subreddit, but you can choose a different title, and you can change this whenever you want.

Description - here, you have the space to describe what your Subreddits are about. Remember that this description is not visible on the Subreddit, but it does appear on social media descriptions and on Google.

Sidebar - this is your chance to give more details about your Subreddit. Anything you choose to write here will appear on the Sidebar of the Subreddit. Although it can be changed, you need to pay attention to what you write: create a good introduction, add relevant links, and set some rules for your Subreddit.

Submission Text - this is what Reddit users see before clicking submitting links or text posts. Thus, you can add whatever you want to this space.

Content Options - you have specific setup options in this area. For example, the text posts only option means that other Reddit accounts can only write in text and submit it. Nobody is allowed to add links. Several Subreddits do this to restrict Spam content or because it makes more sense for that particular Subreddit (for example, asking/offering advice regarding a topic).

Reddit content option.png

Wiki - for all your Subreddits, Reddit allows you to create a Wiki. If your Subreddit is small, there is no point in creating a Wiki for it, but when you add a complex topic, it can be useful. However, the Wiki option can be disabled and reactivated, so if you’re not sure, you can reactivate it at any time you want. When you decide to create a Wiki, you can set up certain restrictions (for example, who is allowed to edit it).

Subreddit wiki .png

Hide Comment Score - this option means how it takes for submissions’ score (upvote/downvote) to appear for users. Hiding comment score is an option used to avoid people being influenced by other Reddit users’ scores.

Mobile look and feel - this option sets the color for the Subreddit, viewed on mobile.

Subreddit mobile.png

Here are some Subreddit details you should remember:

  • Subreddit names can not be changed

Once you chose the name of your Subreddit, you can not change it. For this reason, make sure you write it with the correct spelling, with or without capital letters before you post your Subreddit.

  • Subreddits can not be deleted

When you post a Subreddit, you can not undo it, if you change your mind.

Also, whenever you find yourself unable to create Subreddits, you can check your Reddit’s account age and your positive karma. If your Reddit account is new, you need to wait for some time (1 month) and build up the amount of karma required by Reddit community. You can built karma very easily - you need to participate in the Subreddits you enjoy, comment on your favorite topics, submit some links. Shortly, you need to become part of Reddit community.


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