How to Download Instagram Stories

Downloading Instagram stories is effortless and quick. The last one depends on how good your internet connection is.

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Instagram introduced Instagram stories back in 2016, following the successful model of Snapchat. By implementing this visual presence aggregator, Facebook struck a gold mine.

By 2021, when Instagram is counting 1 billion daily active users, Instagram stories are engaging more people than ever before. Especially Gen Z.

More and more businesses are using Instagram stories to promote their products. And it works!

Whichever the case, this eye-catching feature has grown in popularity and value over the years.

This means, there are many reasons why someone would want to save their own stories or even somebody else’s stories (assuming they are not using them for illicit purposes).

Instagram story downloading is different depending on the owner of the stories.

How To Download Your Own Instagram Stories

Saving stories that come from someone’s own account is effortless and relatively quick. Depending on the availability of the story, there are two methods to do so:

To save an active story to your camera roll, there are 4 simple steps to follow:

  1. Open your Story
  2. Tap the three little dots on the bottom right of your story
  3. Tap Save…
  4. Tap Save Photo/Video or Save Story. Save Story will save all your stories into one single video on your phone.

  • In case you want to download an older story, that disappeared after its 24h display, just go to Archive and select Stories Archive. After selecting the story you want to save, proceed in following the same 4 steps as described above.

If you want to download a story that you have previously added to Instagram Highlights, follow these 3 simple steps to download:

  1. Tap Instagram Highlights and select the story you want to download.
  2. Swipe up or tap on the left corner of the story as if you would want to see your story views.
  3. Tap on the download icon below the story thumbnail, right next to the analytics icon and the share icon.

Your story will now download to your camera roll.

Note: You can not do this by accessing Instagram on your PC. 

How to Download Other Accounts’ Stories

When it comes to saving Instagram stories that are not on the person’s own account, things need to shift out of the Instagram playground, onto a third-party solution.

Downloading stories from private accounts is a little bit more complicated. Due to the privacy policies that Instagram follows, the app itself does not offer a solution to this problem.

Instead, there are many apps that can play the part of a story downloader for Instagram.

Using a downloader tool is not illegal but it is a sensitive discussion depending on the person’s intentions. It is recommended that one would ask permission from the owner of the account but in most cases, that doesn’t happen.

Thirdparty apps that do offer the feature of Insta story downloading vary in their availability and cost.

To download someone’s Instagram Story you just need to access the app/platform, enter their username, and proceed in following the steps indicated by the system.

If you just need to quickly share without downloading stories from other accounts, you can use a story reposter app.

It is easier than downloading the story itself and it does not perpetuate the story anonymity but rather offers a way to acknowledge the owner of the original post.