How to disable Youtube Shorts

If you’re looking for how to disable YouTube Shorts within the platform’s features, you’ll find out there’s no specific option to disable YouTube Shorts within YouTube Shorts.

YouTube Shorts is a popular feature introduced by YouTube that allows users to create and enjoy short-form videos.

If you prefer not to see YouTube Shorts in your YouTube feed or search results, there currently isn't a direct option to disable them. However, you can explore alternatives like YouTube Vanced or other third-party apps that offer additional features and customization options for your YouTube experience.

How to disable YouTube Shorts

Here are some ideas on how to disable YouTube Shorts:


  • Interact with non-Shorts content

Engage more with regular-length videos on YouTube rather than Shorts videos. Like, comment, and watch full-length videos to signal your preference for longer content.

  • Use the "Not Interested" feature

When you see a Shorts video, click on the three-dot menu next to it and select "Not Interested." This helps train YouTube's algorithm to show you less Shorts content.


  • Access YouTube Settings

Open the YouTube app or website and go to the settings menu. Look for options related to content preferences, recommendations, or personalized features.

  • Explore Shorts-specific settings

Check for any specific settings related to Shorts within the YouTube app or website. Look for options to disable or limit Shorts recommendations.

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  • Uninstall YouTube updates

On an Android device, go to the app settings, find YouTube, and uninstall updates to revert to the factory-installed version. This may remove or limit the availability of Shorts on the older version of the app.


  • Install YouTube Vanced

Vanced is a modified version of the YouTube app that offers additional features. Check if Vanced has settings or options to disable Shorts.

  • Explore alternative apps

Look for alternative YouTube apps, including Shorts that may provide more granular control over the content you see.


  • Use a browser

Access YouTube through a browser on your computer or mobile device.

  • Request Desktop Site

Open YouTube in a web browser on a mobile device and request the desktop site. This version may have different options or layouts, which could affect the visibility of Shorts.

Remember that YouTube's features and settings can evolve over time, so staying updated with the latest information from official sources or YouTube's support documentation is a good idea.

What is the purpose of YouTube shorts?

YouTube Shorts aims to provide users with a platform for creating and consuming short-form video content within the YouTube ecosystem. While there is no specific option to disable YouTube Shorts, it offers a variety of features and settings that enhance the overall user experience.

If you're interested in learning more about YouTube Shorts and related topics, here's some information:

  • YouTube Shorts allows users to create and watch brief, engaging videos from their mobile devices. However, if you wish to downgrade the YouTube app, you can search for previous versions of the YouTube APK file online and install an older version on your device. This may help you revert to a version of the app that doesn't include the Shorts feature.

  • YouTube Shorts videos are typically short in duration, often lasting only a few seconds to a minute. They are designed to be easily shareable and can be created using the YouTube mobile app or the YouTube app on your Android device. You can also browse Shorts directly within the YouTube app, where they are featured in a dedicated Shorts section.

  • To download YouTube Shorts or any other YouTube video, you can utilize various websites or applications that support video downloading. Simply enter the YouTube URL of the Shorts video you want to download into one of these platforms, and they will provide you with the downloadable file.

  • If you're interested in hiding YouTube Shorts while browsing the YouTube website on Google Chrome or other browsers, you can try using ad-blocker extensions or browser plugins that allow you to block or customize specific elements on web pages. You can have a more tailored YouTube experience by hiding the Shorts section.

  • There are alternative options for those who prefer to watch YouTube without Shorts content. One approach is to modify the YouTube settings. You may find preferences for content recommendations and personalized features within the settings menu. Additionally, you can explore YouTube alternatives such as YouTube Vanced, which provides additional settings and customization options to tailor your viewing experience.

  • Another option is to access YouTube through a web browser, either on a desktop site or by requesting the desktop site on your mobile device. This can provide a different layout and may affect the visibility of Shorts' content.

It's important to note that YouTube regularly releases app updates to enhance user experience and introduce new features. If you want to remove Shorts from your YouTube mobile app, you can check for app updates and install the latest version available. By keeping your YouTube app up to date, you may have access to new settings or options for managing Shorts.

Although there is no direct option to disable YouTube Shorts permanently, understanding the available features and settings can help users customize their YouTube experience to align with their preferences. It's important to note that these suggestions are based on information available as of my knowledge cutoff in September 2021, and YouTube's features and settings may have changed since then.