India Love (India Westbrooks)

India Love, on her real name India Westbrooks, is a US model and social media influencer.

India Love Westbrooks.png

Full name: India Westbrooks

Birthday: February 3, 1996

Birthplace: Chicago, Illinois, U.S.

Occupation: Reality Star, Influencer, Model, Rapper.

Years active: 2011–present

Social media accounts: Instagram , Twitter

India grew up in Compton, California, and is the second youngest sibling in her family of nine. By the time India became a teenager, her father’s (Warren Westbrooks) businesses exploded and turned the mediocre economic status of the family into a wealthy one.

India first started on Tumblr, where many people were attracted to her unique style of clothing and accessorizing.

When she was 16, India transferred her activity to Instagram where India was part of the first known crop of Instagram models and influencers. She currently has almost 5 million followers on Instagram.

India Love’s career has sky-rocketed in 2015 when the reality show The Westbrooks aired.

After finishing high school, India dated some famous people like Justin Combs and The Game.

Her relationship with The Game brought a lot of negative press in her life, turning her from an Instagram model to a rapper dating socialite. India’s love life continued to spark controversy as rappers Lill Yachty and Soulja Boy had an online argument over her.

In 2018 India started her rapping career with her single “Talk yo sh*t”, supported and mentored by artist

Since then, India Love has put out 4 more music videos with little success traction.

India Love Westbrooks continues to work as a social media influencer, modeling for fast-fashion companies and events.

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