Influencer Manager

An influencer manager is a professional who cooperates and manages the work of influential people or famous persons. They usually control the actions on Instagram or other social network platforms and projects, and they take care to contribute to success.

General Information

Usually, an IM strategy can take months or weeks to implement. Larger companies have micro-influencers to interact with a broader audience in larger fields. Because it is challenging to create and manage so much content, it has led to the introduction of the new position in the marketing department “influencer manager.” Their job is to correct their posts, think about better strategies to promote a product, create content, and make the influencer stand out.

Duties and Responsibilities

An influencer manager should be ready to cope with the following duties at work:

  • Development and execution of IM strategies and campaigns;
  • The search for decent influencers suitable for the company niche;
  • Building relationships with social media influencers;
  • Attendance of events to develop networking and brand awareness;
  • Working on content including the development of ideas, writing and creating it;
  • Performance of a comparative analysis of the achievements and ROI (including competitors);
  • Making research of the target audience, closest competitors, experts;
  • Looking for new approaches of how to improve IM campaigns;
  • Following the latest trends in marketing trends, IM, technology, etc.;
  • Cooperate with the marketing team for more effective coordination and introduction of IM campaigns on different platforms.

How much does an influencer manager earn?

According to, an average brand manager salary is $87,634, while top earners (about 10%) get as much as $101,809. Another website Ziprecruiter, offers other figures estimating the national average at $61,276, but this amount is much higher in California, for example – over $80,000. Glassdoor data looks more optimistic, saying that the average base is $93,125 per year, with $10,128 additional cash compensation.

average salary

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