Instagram Bloggers

An Instagram blogger is a content producer that monetize their content through brand partnerships. These brand partnerships are often sponsored posts, where an Instagram bloger gets paid to do a static Instagram post or Instagram story about a product.

General Information

Many people start a blog on Instagram intending to sell products out of the gate, gain fame and money, and reach out to other people.

When you start an Instagram blog to choose a niche to address yourself, it is essential to give your audience what they need to see and the content they follow you. Make useful and

entertaining posts. Choosing a niche at the start of a blog is very important; you can decide to make a shift later but slowly not to confuse the audience.

Some bloggers who start a travel account are more specific, like people who only travel to tropical places, Disneyland around the world, etc.

To start this kind of blog requires a bigger budget in the first place, a more significant investment after growing the popularity the sponsor will appear.

Lifestyle blogs often feature posts about different activities or hobbies. These bloggers often stick on their category, enjoying their business, and posting what they like, keeping a smaller following but dedicated.

Create a Captivating Bio

The bio area is an opportunity to show everyone who you are, what you stand for, and who you serve within 150 characters. It’s a chance for you to make an excellent first impression.

Write Your Instagram Blog Posts

Your caption cannot be more than 2000 characters, so you must be creative in little words.

Many times captions that are short and thought-provoking do well on Instagram. The most famous lines in your captions are the first line and then your call to the action line.

Use Relevant Hashtags to Boost Discoverability

Hashtags are crucial in gaining followers on Instagram and visibility. The right tags and ones in trend at that specific moment can boost your relevance significantly on the recommender page.

Interact With Other Instagram Users

The main goal of social media is for people to interact with each other, you can interact with followers by liking and answering their comments.

Create Sponsored Posts

Sponsored posts and affiliate codes are great for gaining followers who will mostly stay in the future for different giveaways and will engage with your posts.

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