Instagram Mentions

Instagram mentions when someone is tagging a person or a company in a post or comment, repost on their page what they like or on their story. Mentions can let someone know immediately when another person is talking about them.

Mentions can be found in different types such as caption mentions when a brand or someone is tagged in the text under the media, or comment mention when someone tags others in a post to see it too.

Getting mentions and tags on Instagram will make your brand more visible, mainly because most social media users have moved to this app. They follow and take advice from influencers that are promoting a product or service.

Tracking your mentions as a brand is very important, to stay on track with followers and why they are tagging you, where, what is the most interesting demographic on your brand, etc.

Instagram mentions will most of the time bring new followers because other people will click on your @ when your brand is mentioned, follow for the journey, find you attractive, or for future purchases.

It’s essential to keep an eye on the mentions and repost them because your followers will see that you pay attention to them, and they will feel important knowing that both of you can develop a partnership and grow.