Is Snapchat Safer than Instagram

Yes, in many ways Snapchat is safer than Instagram.

To better tackle this issue between the two social media apps, we need to take into consideration a series of factors.

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Snapchat vs Instagram online safety

Analyzing Snapchat and Instagram privacy policies, Snapchat is less public than Instagram.

Snapchat privacy settings have more options for parental control, in addition to the Snapkidz feature of the app.

On Snapchat, users can either share their picture and video content with people they know via snaps (direct messages) or share public stories which disappear after 24 hours.

Instagram on the other hand is either private or public. This means that if a person keeps their account private, they are limited to content sharing in that bubble.

Oppositely, if they choose to have their account Public, there is zero control over who sees and who can use their shared content.

Although Instagram’s stories also disappear after 24 hours, a public Instagram profile will showcase the users’ feed 24/7.

The Snapchat app has no gallery feed, therefore the risk of having everyone and anyone snoop into your online life is way lower than Instagram’s photo and video gallery exposure.

Snapchat vs Instagram media habits and user experience

Instagram has recently been under scrutiny caused by their plans of creating Instagram Kids (for users under 13). The project is on hold amid concerns about youth mental health.

Instagram is well-known for its effects on personal image and mental health.

Users who share content on Instagram are fueled by the numbers of likes, engagements, and followers, driving them to have a distorted self-image and lower personal values.

This keeps them hooked on constantly posting, and staying on top of trends.

Snapchat on the other hand does not have the search functionality, therefore users can not randomly scroll through other users’ content.

Is Snapchat Safer than Instagram

After talking about the pros and cons safety features of the two popular social media apps, we can easily conclude that:

Yes, Snapchat is safer than Instagram.

But this does not mean that inappropriate content can not make its way into a users’ Snaps.

Whether it is Facebook, TikTok, Snapchat, or Instagram, the dangers of social media will always be there.

The best thing to do is reduce screen time and apply parental control if needed.