Kody Antle

Kody Antle is an animal trainer influencer known as the son of Doc Antle. He is also known for his career as an animal trainer and the head of the Myrtle Beach Safari featured in the Netflix series ‘Tiger King.’

Kody Antle.png

Full name: Kody Antle

Birthday: 11 January 1990

Birthplace: United States, California

Occupation: Animal trainer, social media influencer

Social media accounts: Instagram; Tik Tok; Twitter

Kody’s nickname is ‘real-life Tarzan.’

As a result of his work and remarkable life, Antle became famous on social media as an animal trainer.

In August 2020, Kody gained more than 2.1 million followers on Instagram, 17.9 million on Tik Tok, and more than 3,000 on Twitter.

His content revolves around wild animals, and he is referring to them as his family because he was raised with animals.

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