Kody Brown

Kody Brown is an American TV show protagonist, the husband of four wives, father of 15 children, of which three adopted.

Kody Brown

Full name: Kody Winn Brown

Birthday: 17, January 1969

Wives: Meri Brown Janelle Brown; Christine Brown; Robyn Brown

Occupation: reality television actor

Social media profiles: Instagram; Twitter

Kody is legally married to only one of his wives (Robin) and divorced his first wife (Meri) to adopt Robin's children from her previous marriage.

The family has a reality television show on TLC that debuted in September 2010. The show documents the polygamist family; in 2011, the family moved to Las Vegas.

The family's income is not known, Kody said that he worked in sales and online, but the general public was asking how much can he make to support such a large family.

Kody didn't give any other information since 2010 when he released that statement.

His elusive job in sales is not the only source of income. Kody's name appears on a programming company, and two of his wives have jobs.

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