Management Plan Example

A management plan provides researchers the opportunity to create objectives, find goals, and plan the procedures and details for their future projects.

management plan dev.jpg

Elements for developing a management plan:

  • Outline the objectives of the project and goals, brainstorm with your team different concepts and ideas.

  • Create a list of actions to do and give tasks for everyone in the team. Offer them the opportunity to pick what they want to do and work in pairs if needed, also let your staff change their attributes for a more dynamic atmosphere.

  • Recruit and train participants if it is possible

  • Try to get equipment from sponsors if you need it and minimize your spending.

  • Create a timeline for developing the project; It is also important to have a deadline so people will stay active on the work.

  • Be ready to face modification and accept them through the development process.

  • Take into consideration the impact of the final product.