Media Outlets

Media outlets are media that feature a story and transmit news and information through different distribution channels. A media outlet can be any broadcast medium or publication: radio, television, magazines, Internet (websites, social media platforms).

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Characteristics of media outlets

  • A media outlet is rated according to the audience

In the context of the rapid spread of fake news, people tend to be skeptical regarding news sources. Moreover, there are examples of media outlets that have become powerful entities whose purpose is to shape and even control public opinion.

Because people want to know and share important news, they will search for at least one top media outlet. Top media outlets can be television outlets, magazines, and radio stations with the biggest reach.

Most of the time, audiences decide which sources will follow the most based on their subjective assumptions.

  • Connecting people

No matter your interests (social and political major news, celebrity news) or where you get your news - online, social media, radio programs, TV, or reading newspapers - they keep you connected to the world.

Let’s dive into the types of journalism media outlets use: informative journalism and advocacy journalism.

Informative Journalism is meant to provide all information and data to viewers/readers/listeners in order to follow the complete narrative of a particular subject.

Advocacy Journalism is the kind of journalism that aims to convince its viewers/readers/listeners to accept a specific narrative, even with stories that leave out critical information.

Critical information might work against the original complete story, so people must be aware of incomplete or fake news.

  • Media outlets can be driven by business

There is no doubt that in the past, as well as nowadays, media outlets can be driven by business. Media outlets (traditional and modern) can thrive by adding commercials, ad rates, and subscriptions. Not only traditional Mass Media (television stations, radio stations, newspapers), but even the Internet and social platforms are influenced by business.

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Best practices of media outlets

  • They should support culture, education, art
  • Media outlets should embrace change and encourage diversity
  • All media outlets should seek an equilibrium

Media outlets want their audience to become loyal followers/listeners/readers. It is essential for news outlets to understand their audience and establish relationships with contacts, news sources, and top journalists to have quality breaking news and reliable press releases.


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