Media Relations Definition

Media relations involve working in media and the purpose of informing the public about a brand or organization's missions. Policies, practices in a consistent manner, with an outside view.

General Information

Usually, this means coordinating directly with the people responsible for creating content and features in the mass media. The goal of media relations is to make positive coverage without paying for it directly through advertising.

Media relation refers to the relationship of a company that develops with the journalists, the public, and customers. Relationships between an organization and the news media are vital. One way to ensure a positive working relationship with media personnel is to become deeply familiar with their "beats" and areas of interest. Media relations and public relations practitioners should read as many magazines, journals, newspapers, and blogs as possible, as they relate to their practice.

Organizations often compile what is known as a media list, or a list of possible media outlets interested in an organization's information. The media can consist of thousands of magazine publications, newspapers, and TV and radio stations. Therefore, when a "newsworthy" event occurs in an organization, a media list can help determine which media outlet may be the most interested in a particular story.

Working with the mass media as a brand or company allows the creation of awareness of the entity to be raised and the ability to impact a niche in which they are interested. It allows access to large and small target audiences and helps build public support and mobilize public opinion for an organization. It is all done through a wide range of media and can be used to encourage two-way communication.

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