Media Searches

A media search enables information search using queries in multiple data types including text and other multimedia formats.

General Infomation

It's also important to mention the social media search which is a process that companies are usually making about candidates or employees. These investigations are searches for aggressive behavior, violent acts, discrimination, sexually explicit content, etc.

To ensure that the hiring manager is on the right side of the law, he/she must be sure that they don't go overboard with the investigations and violate private data.

Pre-employment background checks are essential for evaluating potential future employees because social media is similar to a stage where people can put on a mask and play as a different persona from who they are in real life. These habits can affect the perception of the hr and rethink their option about choosing someone.

Social media has adverse effects like the more a person is using it, the more the risk of depression and anxiety is present. Heavy social media users get less sleep due to the blue light that the displays are using.

By social media searches, an employer can see how much a person is on social media, by viewing their active status, last post at what hour and day it was made. For example, if a person is posting on their social media late in the night, it is easy to see that they will be tired and not so productive during the workday.