Mention Definition

A mention is when a brand name has references on the internet. Often mentions are on social media, but they can also be on online publications and blogs that use a brand's name.

General Information

Mentions are considered informative metrics to help businesses see the public's perception and grow their visibility across the internet. Mentions are an excellent help for growing popularity and awareness over the brand. For example, when a brand gets tags on a social media platform, the search value increases. Positive SEO leads to increased visibility, which can get more mentions and more significant SEO value. The positive feedback can become a crucial loop to popularity and success.

How does Social Mention work?

Searching for a keyword or phrases that you want to track, social mentions will return with a list of results that you can filter and analyze. Social mentions can give key metrics to help you understand the success of your social media activity and presence.

  • Strength - measuring how strongly your keywords are discussed on the internet.

  • Sentiment - how people feel about our brand or products, negative or positive mentions.

  • Passions - the higher is the passion score, the more people are often talking about your brand.

  • Reach - measuring the range of influence across the internet, analyzing the public, and how many categories you can interact with.