Mojeek is a search engine company that aims to provide an alternative to major search engines like Google. An alternative to Google, the search engine company Mojeek Limited aims to be truly independent and unbiased in delivering search results.

Mojeek's greenest data center, hosted in the UK, handles billions of pages while minimizing environmental impact.

It was founded in 2004 by Marc Smith and is based in the United Kingdom. What sets Mojeek apart from other search engines is that it prides itself on being an independent and privacy-focused search engine.


Mojeek - key features and other characteristics

Here are some key features and points about Mojeek:

  • Independent and Privacy-Focused

Mojeek emphasizes its independence from larger corporations, allowing it to operate more transparently and without the influence of external interests. Additionally, the company strongly focuses on user privacy and aims to deliver search results without tracking or storing user data.

The search engine uses its own ranking algorithm to crawl and index web pages, ensuring independent search technology.

Unlike Google, Mojeek doesn't track user data or IP addresses, guaranteeing a privacy-focused and tracking-free search engine.

Mojeek was built from scratch, reflecting the belief that a truly independent search engine must be constructed independently.

The company's commitment to user privacy allows search queries without user tracking.

Mojeek key features.png
  • Web Index

Mojeek crawls and indexes web pages like other search engines to build a search database. While it may not have the vast index size of Google, it strives to provide relevant and useful search results for its users.

  • Algorithm

Mojeek employs its own search algorithm to rank web pages in search results. Though details of the algorithm may not be as widely discussed or well-known as those of major search engines, the company's aim is to present relevant and unbiased search results to its users.

The search engine's programming language and ranking algorithm are proprietary, ensuring an unbiased and independent search experience. Mojeek crawls and indexes web pages to build its search index, providing relevant results for user search queries.

  • Filtering Inappropriate Content

Mojeek proactively filters inappropriate and offensive content from its search results. It aims to create a safe search experience for users of all ages. The search engine watch community recognizes Mojeek for its independent and unbiased search results.

  • Limited Advertisements

Mojeek has a relatively unobtrusive approach to advertisements, balancing the need for revenue generation with a clean and user-friendly search experience. Mojeek's search index may not be as extensive as Google's, but it aims to provide relevant and unbiased search engine results.

  • Constant Development

As a smaller and independent search engine, Mojeek has continuously evolved and improved its services to compete with larger rivals in the search engine industry. Mojeek's search index may not be as extensive as Google's, but it aims to provide relevant and unbiased search engine results. Marc Smith founded Mojeek search engine in 2004, with the vision of offering an alternative to major search engines like Google.