Muting on Twitter

Muting on Twitter is possible if you want to keep your feed off the tweets of some accounts on Twitter; it’s not necessary to block or unfollow an account.

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How can you mute someone on Twitter?

  • Go to the person’s Twitter page you want to mute (visit the profile of the person you want to mute).
  • Click or tap the button marked with three dots.
  • On the Twitter app for mobile devices, you can find it in the upper right corner.
  • On Twitter for desktop, it is two buttons to the left of the follow button.
  • Choose the Mute option from the list.

What happens after you mute someone on Twitter?

When you mute someone on Twitter, their tweets won’t be displayed in your feed anymore. Moreover, if that person interacts with your tweets, this is no longer appearing in your notifications. You will continue to appear in their list of followers on Twitter, and they can contact you through the other ways available on Twitter, such as direct messaging or visiting the profile. The muted accounts on Twitter don’t receive notifications regarding your activity. The first thing you need to know regarding muted accounts is that if you’ve followed their account before muting them, they will still be on your following list. They will still be among your Twitter followers if they’ve followed you.

Frequently asked questions - FAQ Muting on Twitter

  • Can you find out if other accounts on Twitter muted you?

There are no muting notifications on Twitter, meaning you won’t receive notifications if a specific account muted you.

  • Is it possible to see tweets from an account you’ve muted?

If you’ve chosen to be notified on your mobile when a specific account tweets, these notifications won’t be affected by muted hashtags or words. In other words, even if their tweets contain some of the hashtags or words you have muted, you’ll still receive notification from the Twitter app.

  • Should you mute or block a specific account on Twitter?

A blocked account means you have cut all contact with that person on this platform. For this reason, muting is always better than blocking. Twitter users who have been muted are not aware you have muted them. On the other hand, blocked users are informed when you’re blocking them, which could lead to harassment.

  • Can you still get and see likes from the people you have muted?

All your activity on Twitter - your tweets, retweets, and likes will still be visible to muted users. They can also message you, retweet, and quote your tweet. However, their activity won’t appear on your feed. On the other hand, you cannot tell if someone muted you.

  • Can you unmute an account?

Even if you’ve decided to mute someone on Twitter, you need to know you can unmute them anytime.

  • Can you mute and block a Twitter user?

You can mute and block users, but these features have different purposes. Muted persons are not notified about this, while blocked accounts are, which may trigger a backlash.

  • Is it possible to mute words or phrases on Twitter?

Click or Tap the Privacy and safety tab, then select Mute and Block. After that, tap or click Muted words, the plus icon “+”, and enter the hashtags and words you want to mute.