Negative Comment

A negative comment is the expression of refusal or denial, a negative answer lacking any positive affirmation quality such as enthusiasm, optimism, or interests.

negatice comment.png

General Information

As a company grows, it can get a lot of visibility on social media, which comes with a lot of supporters but also with people that are against a particular brand because of their history, experiences, etc.

To stay relevant as a business on social media is essential to keep in line and maintain boundaries when interacting with people and their reactions.

How to handle negative comments on social media?

  • Don't ignore the negativism. Reply to every comment even if it's negative or positive. Maintaining a public relation is a must for growing a brand; this will help connect with the followers.
  • Apologize sincerely if the brand is involved in some online scandal and has lots of negative articles, comments, and reviews about it. Publishing a post from the CEO or founder of the company correctly addressing the issue and apologizing for it can be crucial for a brand's life.
  • Don't make false promises because money is involved in it; this can make customers unhappy. Analyze the problem first then explain to the public what is going on and how to fix it.
  • It is vital to be polite to the customers. Never swear, nor use negative phrases that can insult social media users. Because loyal customers can see the way a brand treats other people, and this habit can make people turn their back on the brand.
  • Customers don't like automatically generated replies, try to make personalized messages for users to show empathy.
  • You are replying as fast as you can so customers don't get frustrated with the time wasted on waiting.
  • Learn from mistakes. In the future, the issues will not repeat; take into consideration negative comments as much as positive comments. It can help improve interactions, growth, and visibility.