Online Community Benefits


With 60% of the world population having access to the internet, 56.8% are members of at least one social networking platform.

From the beginning of the commercial internet, online communities have quickly established as nuclei of interaction between internet users.

Starting with the first-ever online community website (The Well) back in 1985, expanding into millions of subreddit pages or Whatsapp groups, the importance of online communities and social media is undeniable.

No matter their purpose or type of community, they bring together users through common goals or interests, offering different benefits, depending on the role of the users.

Online Community Benefits.png

Online Community Benefits

A Sense of Belonging.png

A Sense of Belonging

The most important benefits of online communities are the ones that address the emotional aspect of integration. Online communities offer their members a common ground on which they feel safe, accepted, and understood.

Businesses that acknowledge the power of online communities and community engagement can leverage this to get closer to their audience and attract new future customers.



Members of online communities constantly exchange information in their circle. Therefore, the input of energy and information creates value that everybody can benefit from. A shared purpose can add up to create new forms of expression and increase online community engagement. Adding value through social media marketing is an excellent option for brands that want to increase customer retention.

Physical Location Freedom.png

Physical Location Freedom

Offering online access to otherwise location limited members is a massive benefit of online communities.

Online communities allow members from any corner of the internet to get together and feel closer to each other.

When it comes to community building and community management, brands can concentrate their message with the help of online engagement tools.

Saving Costs.png

Saving Costs

Using a social media platform to share information by way of content marketing can boost the engagement rates of a branded community and help lower the costs of reach.

The digital transformation has permitted companies to expand their existing customers and engage communities with less financial effort.

Customer communities provide new levels of value to their members. Increasing the customer experience with the help of active participation and new engagement methods brings people closer to a brand’s core values. Implicitly, online communities boost customer loyalty and customer lifetime value.

In conclusion, communities grow because the need for belonging is a vital aspect of social life. Community platforms offer great value to both members and owners. Online communities are at the core of digital engagement.