Online Reputation Repair

Online reputation repair is the process of fixing damages made online about a company, person, experience, or product.


General Information

When the search results are turning negative, reputation repair helps foster positive relationships with the public after a reputation-damaging event.

Steps to repair your online reputation

  • Identify the problem, where it started, and why. Sometimes a damaged reputation is the result of a content vacuum that is filled with anything google can find in its index.

  • Repair the harmful content at the source. Even if Google doesn't remove the damaging content, it doesn't mean that you cannot attempt to repair the problem right at the source. If a media publisher posts an unfavorable article, you can reach out to them to ask politely to remove it and explain the situation.

  • Be polite, regardless of the accusations that you receive.

  • Try to document as much of the request as you can in writing.

  • If you get the content removed, don't forget to have it removed from Google's index.

  • Don't threaten legal action, or you could create more significant problems.

  • Remove negative results from google by submitting a removal request to the Google team. This request will only work if the content that has done damage does not exist anymore.

  • Push the negative searches down if you cant remove them by optimizing the circulation of the positive information

  • Strengthen your online presence with actual content. Maintain a strong social media presence on many platforms, engage in discussions with the public, answer to positive and negative comments, and be helpful and friendly.