Press Mentions

A press mention is when a brand, company, or product is spoken about or "mentioned" anywhere on the media. Publications are also using mentions to describe a brand name.

press mentions.png

Mentions are an informative metric that helps grow the online presence for brands and their name's visibility. They are right to encompass PR, social media, SEO overall brand visibility, and popularity. When a business is tagged in online posts, it leads to growing mentions and increases SEO value.

The positive feedback it can loop in a key to a growing phase.

Press mentions are mentions of a company in publications; it can come from a journalist writing about a topic that a brand is a part of, and the name is useful as an example.

An excellent way to get press mentions is to create relationships with journalists and keep them close with updates about the brand or product.

Mentions are the best way to monitor the cusses of SEO and marketing, allowing the research for trends, future strategies, and types of consumers to reach in the future.