Primal Branding

Primal Branding is the basis of building an authentic and severe business. This method is a user-first technique that helps to build and to manage based brands for people.

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General Information

Primal branding is now one of the playbooks for creating a business for social communities. Unlike other brands’ theories, the first take on creating a belief system to attract customers who share the same values and beliefs.

Primal Branding factors:

Story: Your brand needs to have a background, a story. It needs to tell the customers where it came from and give the consumers something to connect to.

Creed: This factor is saying what you believe in, and you are different from other brands.

Icons: The logo needs to help the customer’s association directly with your brand. It also can be a familiar smell, sound, motto, anything that can bring joy to people and recognition for you.

Language: Every company has a different set of terms and wording that the customers and employees understand. These are words with special meaning in their belief system.

Leader: Any pack needs a leader. People who fight for their dream and achieve them can motivate others to do so. It’s a leader. Someone who has a vision will pop up in people’s minds when they hear the leader’s name.

A leader must be trustworthy, helpful, and most important is the company’s image and must have a clean reputation because he is the representative face of what his company is trying to sell.