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What does ratio Twitter mean? It may have happened while scrolling on this app to encounter the tweet Ratio, and you may wonder what it means. On Twitter, getting ratioed means when the number of replies to a tweet is larger than the likes and retweets of the original post.

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What does the term ratio mean?

The term ratio is used on social media apps, in the comments section. If social media users comment ratio on a post then get more likes than the original post, this means they won the ratio. The term also applies when someone makes a post and gets more replies than likes, which means he got ratioed. People can be ratioed in the comment section in the case that someone comments and then another user replies ratio and gets more likes, he won the ratio.

What does ratio mean on Twitter?

Ratio is a term part of Internet slang (and can be found on websites like Urban Dictionary), and it’s used on another popular social media app - TikTok. But Twitter Ratio is slightly different than ratio on TikTok.

Not all ratios on Twitter are similar. Some of them may have the same amount of replies as the likes of that particular tweet. At the same time, other Twitter ratios outnumber likes, showing that the original post is unpopular among Twitter users.

FAQ Ratio Twitter

  • What does Ratio mean on TikTok?

On TikTok, users use this term to get more likes than the original comment on a post they responded to.

  • Does ratio always equal an insult?

The term ratio can often be considered an insult (a negative reply or feedback to a specific tweet). More precisely, it is a way to mock on social networking sites, such as Twitter or Tiktok. Ratio term means how many comments a post compared to retweets and likes. The formula is simple: commenting/ (reposts + likes).

In the case comments outnumber likes and retweets, this is a bad sign (and maybe a bad tweet) of getting negative feedback.

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  • Is there a good Twitter ratio?

A good Twitter following ratio is considered any ratio close to 1:1.

  • Why is it not good to get more comments than retweets and likes?

By default, likes mean other Twitter users see you in a good light. On the other hand, retweets indicate endorsement. Comments can support a tweet, but they can also castigate, debate, or criticize.


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