Reputation Protection

Online reputation protection is a long term strategy that fortifies your brand landscape and searches against future threats. It helps immunize your reputation and identity across the internet. If you are a corporate or a brand, building and protecting your reputation is integral to your success.

General Information

In reputation protection, the goals are to optimize everything surrounding your brand’s name, such as content, searches, strategic outreach, etc. Your online reputation is essential for your brand, and when you protect it, this can give you a successful career and long term profit for the company.

Actions you can take to protect your online reputation:

Clean up your current situation.

If your company is in the wrong position now, try using monitoring tools to rebuild your presence in the online world.

Register your name as a domain.

Secure your company’s name by creating a platform, trademark it, this way nobody can steal the name or the idea behind it.

Secure your name across all social platforms.

It is important to be present on as many platforms as possible to reach out to more people and gain success and visibility. Make sure you to own all the social media handles related to your brand name.

Publish regular content.

Make sure you stay active across social media, engage with the public, and post information regularly. It is vital for building a community for your brand.

Get active on social media.

Engage in discussion, answer the comments, questions, be friendly but also professional.

Claim and verify your Google listing.

Verify the information on your sites such as email addresses, mobile, and location. It is essential to help your customers have a good experience and come back to you, but if you have a wrong mobile or address, people can get confused and angry and consider your business lazy.

Manage online reviews.

Reviews are important in the online market; these are the representation of the experiences that people had with your business. Keep an eye on each review and see if there is a path in mistakes. The help of an outside view from the public is easier to see if there is a problem inside.

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