Risk Management Careers

risk management careers.png

Risk Management Analyst

This job includes many responsibilities, such as:

  • Strategies for investment
  • Insurance
  • Risk reduction
  • Evaluating the level of the risks on different projects

Associate in Risk Management

Also known as AMR, this job have some interesting responsibilities:

  • Assist the process of making risk decisions
  • Risk control
  • Risk assessment
  • Risk financing

Risk Management Consulting Services

As the position of a consultant, you will get opportunities to work directly with the clients. Here are some tasks of the job:

  • Direct work with the clients
  • Expertise using in financial risks
  • Advice on financial decision
  • Different types of insurances such as health, life, real estate insurances

Risk Management Manager

This position will allow you to work in a consultancy firm. It will come with these tasks:

  • Create and develop risk models
  • Finances
  • Analytical support
  • Working in a team for the risk models

Risk Management Salary

The salary can be different from a career to another; it may vary depending on the company and country.

Example of salaries:

An entry-level risk management salary is around $59,647 annually.

A senior-level risk management salary is approximately $115,000 annually.

A median risk management salary is about $83,763 annually.