Risk Management Companies

Risk management companies are businesses working for other companies to identify, analyze, and monitor the risks of the business they work for.

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General Information

These kinds of companies employ risk analysts and managers to monitor how companies control the risks and financial resources to reduce the risks.

Risk management companies are working with bank management, board members, and legal counsel to help the bank resolve financial risks.

They evaluate the bank's use of third-party service providers for the bank's services' technical functions.

Risk management companies also monitor

  • Hiring practices of the company
  • I.T security
  • Accounting practices
  • Customer's practices
  • Customers identification
  • Regular guidelines
  • Ways of choosing the software
  • Making risks loans or too many loans for specific categories

Risks management companies examples

IQVIA - Founded in 1982 in the USA

Convercent - Founded in 202 in the USA

Hedgeye - Founded in 2008 in the USA

LaunchDarkly - Founded in 2014 in the USA

Atos - Founded in 1997 in France

Money Lion - Founded in 2013 in the USA

Mimecast - Founded in 2003 in the United Kingdom