Rumble app

Rumble App, often referred to as an alternative social media platform and YouTube alternative, is a video hosting and live streaming site that offers key features and policies different from established social media platforms. With its focus on content moderation policies and protection against hate speech, Rumble Inc aims to provide a social network where users can engage with video content in a more controlled environment.

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Key Facts about Rumble

Rumble Inc is a video hosting and live-streaming platform that offers an alternative to established social media platforms. With its focus on key policies, and accessibility across various devices, Rumble Inc aims to provide a controlled and engaging social network for users seeking an alternative space for video sharing and news consumption.

  • Growth and User Base

Rumble has experienced significant growth, attracting monthly active users seeking an alternative to traditional social platforms. Joining Rumble allows users to explore a different future of video sharing and connect with like-minded individuals who are seeking an alternative platform.

  • Prominent Accounts

Rumble Inc has gained attention for hosting prominent accounts, including those associated with political figures such as Donald Trump and Devin Nunes. Notably, Trump Media and News from Rumble have made their presence on the platform.

  • Rumble Account and Accessibility

Users can create a Rumble account and access the platform through various means, including Apple TV, Google Play, and the App Store. This accessibility expands Rumble's reach to a wider audience, including users in Latin America.

  • Pew Research Center

According to the Pew Research Center, social platforms have become influential news and current events sources. Rumble Inc aims to provide an alternative space where users can access news from Rumble and engage in discussions on current events.

  • Search Engine and Discoverability

Rumble Inc has its own search engine, allowing users to search for specific videos, creators, or topics of interest. This feature enhances the discoverability of content and promotes engagement within the Rumble community.

Rumble Inc's moderation policies prioritize fairness and a controlled environment, enabling users to share video content without the concerns often associated with hate speech. These policies align with the platform's focus on protecting creators' rights while providing an alternative social media experience.