Social Media Challenges

Social media challenges are viral trends that invite people to partake in “challenges”. Over the years there have been trends that include staying still, laying down, crazy dances, and pouring freezing cold water over yourself that have swept the internet.

General Information

The most significant challenges businesses can face are a lack of resources, not having a strong strategy, and being unable to build a community of followers and tracking the results.

More than half of companies (52%) say that the use of social media helps increase revenue and sales, meaning a number that increases continuously.

Social media is becoming an essential part of a company’s existence for marketing strategies and development.

A company that is successful on social media goes beyond essential posting. It’s about creating marketing campaigns and advertisements and engaging with customers, but companies have to be on social media.

social media challenge

Social media challenges

  • A company is unable to have enough financial resources for marketing strategies and online promotions.

  • There are no formal social media strategies, and many businesses still struggle with forming and developing a professional approach.

  • Building a community of followers can be a real struggle for a business new in the online world.

  • Tracking the progress results, 17% of companies feel like this is one of the biggest challenges.

  • Tracking social media results can be a challenge because an impression may not lead to an immediate sale.