Social Media Identifier

Social Media Identifier means any name, mark or other identifier for an account, screen name, nickname or “handle”.

General Information

What is a Social Media identifier? It is the name of an account of the handle used by a company, brand, social media product, service, application or tool to name its social media account.

For example, the Social Media identifier for CocaCola is: - @CocaColaCo on Twitter - @TheCocaColaCo on Facebook - @thecocacolaco in Instagram

Coca cola social media identifier.png

Most popular Social Media Brand Identifiers

Top 5 brands identifiers on social media are:

  • @GoPro, the world’s most versatile camera has over 17 mil followers on Instagram. And users can usually find them by searching for their Instagram handle @gopro.

  • @Nike is another brand that leads the social media community with 117 millions of followers on Instagram

  • @Spotify that makes excellent use of social media and traditional ways to create unique content. Their “2018 Goals” campaign received a lot of attention because they successfully utilized social media, billboards, posters and other physical ad spaces and their users’ experiences.

  • NationalGeographic (@natgeo) is doing great on social media with their beautiful photographs and informative content. It is such a strong community, lots of photographers are submitting pictures on site.
National geographic.png

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