Social Reputation

Reputation can be defined as a third-party view of you, your brand, and your character. It is a malleable thing; it can be mold and change by you and others as well.

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General Information

This thing can happen because people depend on the internet to make decisions.

It doesn’t matter what you intend to do, online reputation can give you opportunities or put you in a spot where nobody wants because of your behavior.

In today’s world, reputation is essential and pervasive and more unforgettable because there will always be proof of your actions.

Is Reputation Objective?

Reputation is subjective ; thinking that we are in control of it might be comforting.

We cannot define what others think about us, and rarely we can change it by interacting with a person that has a negative image about us in their mind.

One mistake on social media and many doors can be locked for future opportunities, such as controversial posts, discriminatory talking, etc.

This aspect of our reputation can be controlled by being more careful about what type of content we post and our activity on the internet.

Reputation means perception; that means it is an opinion on what a person or a company does.