Sophie van Oostenbrugge

Sophie van Oostenbrugge is a successful home workout guide guru and a fitness influencer, inspiring her followers to level up.

She is a certified personal trainer renowned for tailoring bespoke fitness programs to help individuals maintain their fitness and overall health. She regularly shares fitness photos, including modeling shots in various workout attire, with her extensive Instagram following.

Full name: Sophie van Oostenbrugge

Birthday: February 6, 1994

Birthplace: Netherlands

Nationality: Dutch

Occupation: Fitness Influencer, business owner

Sophie Van Oostenbrugge, renowned for her impressive athletic physique and overall aesthetic, has impacted the fitness industry. Many individuals are keen to learn about the precise components of her Gains By Brains workout regimen and diet, which she employs to maintain her year-round appearance.

As a personal trainer and nutritionist, I'll guide you through all the details, exploring whether the founder of Gains By Brains can inspire some new daily habits. While it may be tempting to replicate an influencer's routine verbatim, let's instead concentrate on enhancing your own routine to make it more practical and sustainable.

  • Sophie Van Oostenbrugge: Current Bio And Stats

Sophie commenced sharing her fitness journey in 2017, subsequently amassing millions of followers on Instagram and YouTube. It's where she initiated her business venture, Gains By Brains, through which she imparts knowledge, offers workout videos, and provides fitness programs.

  • The Gains By Brains Workout Routine

The Gains By Brains workout routine entails four days of gym workouts and one to two days of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu classes. Sophie has meticulously detailed her workouts in her Gains by Brains workout guide, which is available for purchase on her website.

  • Gains By Brains Macro Calculator

Sophie mentions that she typically doesn't meticulously track her calorie intake, preferring a more relaxed nutritional approach. Nevertheless, she values knowing the protein, fats, and carbohydrate content in her regularly consumed foods.

For most people, accurately estimating these values requires years of practice. You should start tracking your macronutrients, whether your goal is muscle gain, weight maintenance, or fat loss. To get a general sense of your specific requirements, you can use the Gains By Brains calorie calculator by inputting your information.

  • Sophie Van Oostenbrugge Workout Fundamentals

Sophie's Gains By Brains workout routine maintains a consistent structure. She adheres to her regimen diligently to achieve her desired results within the expected timeframe. Typically, she engages in exercise early in the morning and maintains an active lifestyle five to six days a week. Depending on her current fitness objectives, this weekly workout combination allows her to build muscle or achieve a lean physique.

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