Sunroom app

Sunroom app is a revolutionary creator app that celebrates body positivity and empowers women and nonbinary creators to express themselves authentically.

Co-founded by Michelle Battersby and Lucy Mort, Sunroom aims to be a safe haven for cool girls and all content creators who seek to share their unfiltered, shameless selves with their most supportive followers.

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Sunroom App - an Inclusive Space for Connection and Support

  • Empowering Nonbinary and Women Creators

With a strong focus on empowering nonbinary and women creators, Sunroom provides a space where individuals can connect with their fave creators and tip them for their inspiring content. The platform operates on a monthly subscription model, giving followers exclusive access to their favorite creators' personal diaries with captivating stories and unique perspectives.

  • In-App Currency for Creator Monetization: Sunroom Paves the Way for Thriving Creator Economy

Sunroom's innovative approach extends beyond just content sharing, as the platform has incorporated in-app currency to facilitate creator monetization. Followers can support their favorite creators directly by tipping them with this currency, contributing to the thriving creator economy within the app.

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  • Protecting Privacy, Fostering Trust: Sunroom's Anti-Screenshot Technology Promotes Genuine Connections

Sunroom employs anti-screenshot technology to protect creators' privacy and maintain a safe environment, ensuring that creators can share their most personal thoughts without fear of unauthorized distribution. This feature fosters a sense of trust among creators and their followers, further encouraging genuine and meaningful connections.

  • Celebrating Diversity: Sunroom Welcomes Nonbinary Creators and Embraces Inclusivity

Sunroom supports creators on various social media platforms, including TikTok and Instagram, enabling seamless integration and cross-platform engagement. Nonbinary persons find a welcoming and inclusive community in Sunroom, where their unique perspectives and experiences are celebrated and valued.

  • Embracing Self-Acceptance: Sunroom's Journey Towards Body Positivity and Inspiring Content

As a platform that champions body positivity, Sunroom takes pride in providing a space free from judgment, where creators can share their journey towards self-acceptance and inspire others to do the same. The founders, Michelle Battersby and Lucy Mort, have created a game-changing space for women and nonbinary content creators to express themselves boldly and unapologetically.