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Do you wonder what RFP's meaning is? RFP stands for Request for Proposal, a formal business document edited in questionnaire style issued publicly to announce projects, ask for bids, or give details to companies or vendors (interested parties). Tfw meaning - If you are curious about this Internet acronym’s significance, you can continue to read this text. In most cases, TFW or tfw stands for That feeling when .

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What does tfw mean?

The phrase That feeling when is part of Internet slang and appears as a caption in several memes, social media posts, and urban dictionary websites. Tfw is among trending words, and it's used to make a clever joke about something less ordinary that has happened to the person posting it.

Moreover, on social media, tfw can also mean:

  • that feel when
  • that face when

Where did tfw phrase initially come from?

There aren't many concrete explanations regarding the origin of tfw, but it's speculated that this abbreviation comes from an earlier meme - I know that feel guy/ I know that feel Bro. This meme depicts simple characters hugging and showing empathy.

In both American English and British English, tfw is not grammatically correct - a quite frequent phenomenon with words and phrases on the Internet: the word feeling is followed by the redundant when.

Tfw means .that face when. - and people use it in reference to a person’s or animal’s face after experiencing something causing an emotional or physical reaction.

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