The Influencer Effect

With a 4.25 rating on Goodreads and an astonishing 5 out of 5 stars on Amazon, The Influencer Effect by Greg Jameson puts into perspective the world of influencer-endorsed materials.

Influencer effect book

The Influencer Effect- book review

Using both personal stories and those of his clients, the 256 pages book provides real-world examples of how you can grow your influence in marketing leveraging the halo effect.

Jameson explains how social media has shaped the world of traditional advertising.

He introduces GEARS- an acronym used to explain the process of replicating the celebrity endorsement effect using micro-influencers. GEARS stands for G – Generate Interest, E – Empower influencers, A – Amplify your message, R – Results, S - Strategy Influence is simply about getting others to take a desired action.

Jameson states that using this simple 5 step process, average businesses can reach massive results. It`s an easy marketing strategy with basic functionalities that actually work wonders.

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The influencer effect is a must-read if you are a business owner or planning to become one. Jameson shows you how to generate interest, empower influencers, amplify your message and get results using his simple step-by-step process.

The book has forwards written by influencers like Armand Morin, James Malinchak, Ken McArthur, and Joel Comm.

All in all, if you are looking for an excellent, easy-to-read guide to digital marketing success using influencer marketing, this book is a must-buy.

We promise your return on investment will escalate.